A classic floor plan is the simplest 2 Dimensional outline that demonstrates the design of a property or space in black & white. It is a basic floor plan which gives a top-down view of a building. After decades of research it is evident that this traditional floor plan is commonly used among Realators, Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Real Estate Photographers, etc. Which is why it is also know as one of the simplest yet best 2D floor plan that is available in the market.

This floor plan is intended to co-ordinate the layout and highlights of the sketch that is provided. It’s subtleties are clearly portrayed with proficient architectural symbols and labels for promotional purposes. Room labels are added to recognize rooms and dimensions are incorporated whenever provided with the floor plan drawings.

This type of design mostly shows:

  • - Partition walls
  • - Room positions and labeling
  • - Doors and windows
  • - Stairs
  • - Furniture and appliances*

*The addition and placement of furniture and appliances solely depend upon the client’s needs.

A 2D classic floor plan showcases a clear view of a building’s or structure’s layout and makes it easy to understand the design flow of a property. Undoubtedly, it will help to improve your real estate business.


  • - By converting blueprints, hand-drawn images, & photographs, we offer a well designed 2D black & white floor plan
  • - For any sort of properties including a house or a commercial building, we deliver a floor plan which is simple as well as appealing to your target audience
  • - To deliver the result of your expectations, Linesgraph provides you with a dedicated team of drafters who will assist you throughout the service
  • - Not just floor plans, we extensively help with other designs like site plans, elevations, site plans with floor plans, watermarked plans, & many more depending upon your choice


  • - High-Quality Printable Designs: Our floor plan designs are printable which are perfect to go in handouts, flyers, & any other promotional materials.
  • - Quick Turn-Around Time: As we value both of our times, our drafters always try to complete & deliver your work before the deadline provided by you. Usually, our team completes the work in 8-12 hours.
  • - Round the Clock Assistance: Our Customer Care Administrators are glad to address your inquiries and provide you with precise updates.
  • - Versatility in Tools: Linesgraph utilizes various sorts of tools for drafting out different floor plan types like, AutoCAD & others depending upon your requirements.
  • - Bulk Order Processing: Your project will have a dedicated team to complete the work. Still, we always have an additional team which comes in action if there is any urgency or pre-time delivery requirement from your side.
  • - Value For Money: You’ll get complete value for your money. Linesgraph gives premium quality 2D classic floor plans at moderate rates, which makes us truly outstanding and trusted firm in the market.

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