If you want to use the floor plans to exhibit the home’s structure just as the components, for instance, flooring and outside space? A 2D Textured Floor Plan will feature components like furniture, ensuites, tiles etc. and give significantly more detail to potential buyers.

A 2D textured floor plan is a detailed version of a colored floor plan and is more insightful and profitable compared to a classic 2D floor plan or a colored 2D floor plan.

If you are a newcomer in the industry of floor plans, then it is less likely for you know to about 2D textured floor plan. It also comes under the category of furnished floor plans. You must be wondering that only 3D floor plans come under the category of Furnished Floor plan. Let Linesgraph correct you by saying even 2D textured floor plan consists of furnitures, landscapes, & other outdoor units.

Basically, if you need to utilize the floor plan to show the home’s structure similarly as the segments, for example, flooring and outside space then there’s hardly a problem.


One of the reasons why you need a textured floor plan is because it provides a simple and clear overview of a property along with furnitures & landscape info. Below are some of the other extended uses of a furnished floor plan:

  1. Ease in Visualization:
    The fundamental advantage of textured floor plans is they fill in as the ideal vehicle for envisioning the thoughts of an ideal room design with perfect furniture placements.
  2. Interior Desigining:
    Textured floor plans help to plan out the interior spaces admirably before & after the development of a structure as well as during the reconstruction of the same. They help to plan out the situation of the furniture alongside the scenes around.
  3. Real Estate Listings:
    As a matter of fact, a floor plan of any kind helps your listing stand out in the croud as your potential buyers get to visualize the structure and decide what is suitalble for them. When you have furnitures in your floor plans, your listings would eventually have higher preferences as compared to your COMPETITORS.
  4. Professional Presentation:
    It helps in the location, access, and orientation of the plan. These textured plan designs help the realtors to clarify well the prerequisites of the buyers.
  5. Tension Free Construction Process:
    Usually, floor plans show all point by point measurements and the section position precisely with careful estimations making it an ideal endorsed diagram for the plan. Also, they lessens the number of on-site blunders and straightforwardness out the progressions that should be made preceding the execution of the structure.


Whether  you are an individual seller or a real estate agent, home builder or a developer, the floor plan is the first thing that the buyer is going to see and get an idea of the property that you are selling. Hence, it has to be captivating and must have complete details at one single view. We are backed with a professional team of designers who understand the requirement in detail design, i.e., a plan that is more appealing and satisfactory to the client.

You can choose the color and design of your choice, and Linegraphs has the design ready for you. The 2D textured floor plans not only has the exact color of your choice but it also includes detailed windows, doors, roofing, landscaping, shadowing, and lighting.

We use the latest technologies and software for delivering the floor plan that are perfect as your imagination. Our innovative designs and floor plans are helpful in increasing the potential buyers and make them understand your plan and design. All you have to do is

  • Measure and sketch the plan of your property on a paper.
  • Upload the sketch
  • We will deliver the floor plan in Auto CAD
  • Download the plan in formats like PDF, JPG and PNG  the floor plan is ready.
  • We offer fast, reliable, and affordable 2D Textured Plan around the globe.
  • We prioritize securing clients data, and hence, we assure confidentiality and security of client’s data.
  • Round the clock service from our team of professional designers on team chat or Email.
  • We provide free job testing to make sure our client is satisfied with the quality of the work.
  • Secure options to transfer sketches or images from PC and Upload using Ftp Server, Dropbox, and Wetransfer.
  • We provide photo enhancement to the old and dull real estate floor plans into colorful and engaging 2D and 3D floor plans by removing the unwanted clutter.
  • Our 2D floor plans demonstrate the conceptual product ideas and stand out from the crowd making the plan unique.
  • Strong visuals in the listing will make the viewer go through the plan entirely and thus the possibility of conversion is quite high.


2D Textured  Floor Plans are also reffered as Textured Floor Plans, Furnished Floor Plans, 2D Furnished Floor Plans, Floor Plans with Furniture, Floor Plan Rendering, Add Furniture to Floor Plan, Floor Plan Redraw, etc.